Sunday, 7 April 2013

Country Air Effects On Skin

When we think of country air, we think of clean fresh air, smog and pollution free.  Yet there are other aspects (draw-backs) to all that country air.

Over the Easter break and school holidays the family and I went away for some quality family time and to relax and recoup.  The first four days we camped at our favourite camp site, sleeping in tents and cooking over a fire.  While I really enjoy camping and getting back to basics I have to say my skin doesn't.  All that smoke and dirt and exposure to the elements, wind, sun, rain... leaves my skin dry and dull looking.  I did moisturise while camping, although I forgot to bring my facial wash and facial scrub.  There was a couple of times when I caught my reflection in a car window and was horrified by my appearance.  No matter how much shade I try to sit in I always come away from camping with a light tan and white panda eyes where my sunglasses were.  Proof of exposure to the elements. 

After camping we stayed in a country home-stay which is better for reducing exposure to the elements however country Victoria is still a very dry and arid place this time of the year.  You only need look at the dead grass all over the country side to imagine what happens to a person's skin out there.  In the home-stay there were mirrors (oh yay!) for me to get a really good look at my skin.  When I first arrived I could see the dirt and smoke lining the creases on my face dramatically emphasizing my wrinkles.  I felt like I had black heads all over the place even though I couldn't see any and really wanted to give myself a good facial.  I looked old and haggard and felt miserable about my grotty drab appearance.  My skin was in serious need of a wash and scrub and I couldn't do that because I'd forgotten to bring my facial wash and scrub.  There was an exfoliating glove there that I used because it was all I had yet it wasn't as affective as the enliven facial scrub.

We spent a week at the home-stay enjoying the kangaroos in the meadow, watching our boys play in the sandpit, bush walking, going to markets and curling up with a good book.  It was very restful and I didn't exactly want to leave and yet...

the first thing I did when I got home was rush off to have a shower and reach for my facial wash and enliven scrub!  As soon a I saw them I was like "Hello facial wash and scrub!"  I'd really missed them.

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