Monday, 10 September 2012

JOLI Means Business

I was recently interviewed by Kate from Betty Means Business.  Kate is such a gorgeous lady with a creative and fun writing style and serious delightful personality to go with it, so it was a real pleasure to talk with her and have a JOLI write up done by her.  The first thing I thought of when meeting Kate was I wish I wrote like her, having a spunky bubbly personality that shines through my writing, that makes me people laugh out loud and smile... but alas I am more serious and less funny than Kate.  So it was nice of Kate to say that my personality does come across in my writing and that I'm actually a little bit funny.

Here is our interview: Jodi Means Business.

By the way there are many more stories of women in business on Kate's website which make for fabulous and addictive reading.


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